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Students having successfully completed the Masters program in Comparative Politics and Public Policy are eligible to continue their studies in the Centre d’Études Politiques de l’Europe Latine (CEPEL) with a view to earning a doctorate in political science from the University of Montpellier.

Doctorate in Political Science: University of Montpellier

The University of Montpellier awards the degree of Doctor in Political Science following the successful completion of a doctoral dissertation prepared in the CEPEL, which is one of the accredited “host laboratories” of the Doctoral School in Law and Political Science (# 461), one of the university’s nine Doctoral Schools affiliated with the Doctoral Collegium Université de Montpellier.

Candidates wishing to pursue a doctorate must be accepted by the CEPEL.  A first step in this process is to secure the support of a potential director, one of the CEPEL’s professors or senior researchers.  The members of the CEPEL eligible to direct doctoral research are the following:

Formal enrollment in the doctoral program is governed by the Thesis Registration Regime of the University of Montpellier.

Certain doctoral students may receive financial assistance (a limited number of 3-year Doctoral Contracts are awarded each year on a competitive basis. Students wishing to apply for this financing must do so prior to their formal enrollment in the program).  The doctoral program leads to the formal defense of the thesis. Once accepted, the thesis is made available on line.

International Co-Direction of Doctoral Theses

It is possible to prepare a dissertation in the context of an International Co-Direction, as governed by the terms of the French government’s Decision of 6 January 2005.