Application Procedure / Procédure de candidature

Application Procedure / Procédure de candidature2018-05-11T07:11:21+00:00

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Applicants from France / Candidatures depuis la France

Applications by students from France (including international students already enrolled in a French university) must be submitted through the on-line procedure e-candidat (by 4 June 2018 at the latest for 2018-2019).

Les candidatures, soumises au plus tard le 4 juin 2018 pour l’année universitaire 2018-2019, par des étudiants établis en France devront utiliser la procédure en ligne e-candidat.

Application Procedure for International Candidates / Candidatures hors de France

It is highly recommended that international candidates submit applications through the Campus France representative in their country of origin.  Students should note that this process may require a number of steps, including an in-person interview, depending on the country in question. It is therefore important to begin this process early. Working through Campus France greatly facilitates the process of acquiring a student visa and obtaining access to university housing if so desired.

Prospective students who are unable to go through Campus France should contact the program’s academic director to discuss alternative methods of application.

In all cases (whether or not an application has been submitted through Campus France), international students are required to submit an application dossier directly to this program.

An application dossier consists of the following elements – to be sent either by post or as file attachments (.pdf prefered) to the addresses listed below. All application materials must be received by 4 June 2018 for academic year 2018-2019.

1.  Applicant Information Form (download here the Application to Bi-lingual Master Montpellier)

2.  Letter of candidacy

3.  Official transcripts of grades for all university-level courses taken to date (photocopies area acceptable for applications, but admitted students must present originals of transcripts and diplomas in order to register.)

4. A research proposal of 3-5 double-spaced pages setting out:
•    The research question
•    Justification of the question’s interest and tractability as an MA thesis
•    Proposed research strategy
•    Preliminary bibliography (10-15 items)

N.B. — All proposed research projects must fit clearly within one of the research themes of the CEPEL.  These are described in detail in the Evaluation Dossier found on the CEPEL’s official web site and accessible through the following link.

5. Documentation of reading comprehension in both English and French equivalent or superior to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). A reading comprehension level of C1 or higher in both languages will be considered a strong positive element of an application dossier.

For all questions, please contact:

Marc Smyrl – academic directeur

Sylvia Gonçalves – program administrator

Application dossiers may be submitted:

  • Via e-mail to the attention of Sylvia Goncalves
  • By post, to the attention of:
    Sylvia GONCALVES (Candidatures M2 bilingue)
    CEPEL – Faculté de droit et science politique
    39 rue de l’Université
    34060 Montpellier cedex 2